Monday, August 15, 2011

August 8, 2011

Hey family!

Thanks for the emails that you sent me last week and this week. I'm sorry that I checked my email before I got all those great emails from you. It was ok though because I really had no time to be on the computer. I'm glad to hear that things are going well back at home. I'm happy that I'm able to serve and stay happy all the time because I know that everything is just going wonderful at home. It's crazy to me that school is starting up again so soon. It feels like school just barely got over like last week, time flies.

As you can tell from the subject of my email I'm in Riga again!!! We just had transfers this last week (they are going by faster and faster). I'm still a zone leader but now I'm in Riga center with Elder Thomas. He's so awesome! We actually came on our missions at the same time. I'm way excited to be serving here in Riga again. I'm actually in a different area this time, I'm in the south part of Riga in an area called Kengarags. I'm definitely sad to have left Tallinn, but it's ok maybe I'll make it back there someday. We have a couple people that are working towards baptism and we found a few really cool people this week. There was a really cool miracle that happened this week that I wanted to share with you. I actually didn't even see it but it was an awesome miracle. I don't know if you remember any of the investigators that I was teaching while I was in Daugavpils, but we had an investigators whose name was Nina. But anyways since I'm Zone leader in Latvia I get to hear all the things that are going on around the country. And a wonderful thing happened this last Saturday... Nina got baptized!!! I'm so happy I couldn't stop jumping up and down and hugging everybody. Elder Thomas was getting kind of upset haha. So that's a cool miracle, I'm glad I was able to play a small part in her conversion. Elder Thomas, my new companion, is so awesome. He's from Twin Falls Idaho (that explains how cool he is). He has a really big family and he's like the fifth missionary out of his family, that's some good tradition. I'll finally be able to send you pictures now that I'm out of Tallinn, but I'm in such a bad habit of bringing my camera to emailing that I totally forgot it. But I'll make sure to send you pictures next week of a bunch of the adventures that I went on in Tallinn.
This week I've been thinking a lot about the how we look at things has basically everything to do with how things go. Does that make any sense? I'll try to explain. For example when we go around and complain about how nothing goes right and we look for the bad in every body, the entire world to us looks like a way evil place. But when we go around and look at the world in a positive way we can really see all the wonderful things that we've been blessed with. We can see the potential that everyone has. I also think that it ties a lot to our faith. If we just look at the world for a little bit with faith, and just letting the thought into our head that this really is the work of God then our whole understanding gets opened. The world all of a sudden becomes a great place to be. We know that we have limitless potential and that makes us work harder. We know that everything happens for a reason and for our good and that makes the biggest problems not seem as huge. It's not the world that changes at all, it's us. Sorry if that doesn't make a lot of sense I just wanted to share my ideas.

Have a great week I'm excited to hear from you next week.

-Elder Pack

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