Saturday, August 21, 2010

August 17, 2010

I'm having a great time here on the mission still, but I bet that's no surprise for you. I'm learning a ton and I'm making a ton of good friends. My district and I are becoming so close because we're with each other about 24/7 ha, but we're having so many good times. My whole district is doing 100% SYL now, it's kind of weird only speaking Russian all the time but it helps a ton. But yeah this last week I went to the native Russian district and learned with them. IT WAS AWESOME! I understood most of it (I still have a ton of work to go) and I wish I could just go there every day. I tried out to play my cello in a fireside but they wouldn't let me because I leave too soon, it made me mad, but at the same time happy because that means I'm going to the Baltics really soon. I don't really know more about when I'm leaving yet, but we get our flight plans in two days... Ah it's kind of scary but I'll make sure to tell you every detail next week so that you can know what's going on. It sounds like you're having a ton of fun, I wish I could have seen you all ripping it up on the lake and surviving the wilderness. I really do miss all the fun family trips we would go on, we better go on a bunch when I get back. Well I'm sorry I never have a lot to say I promise I'll have a lot more to say when I get out in the field. I never thought in my life that I would be in Eastern Europe like I'm about to be in 2 weeks. But I know that I'm blessed so much to go there and teach these people. We hear all these amazing stories while we're here in the MTC and we're all about to explode cause we're so excited to get to the field. There are a few members in my district that aren't going to the same mission as me and that makes me kind of sad, cause this might be the last time I see them again. Ok well I'm running out of time sorry. I have so little to talk about that it takes forever to rack my brain to think of things to say. so I'll quickly give you a scripture... it's in 2 Nephi chapter 26 the main verses I want to point out are 24-28 they talk about how no one is turned away from the salvation of the Lord if they seek it out. No matter what we've done we can be forgiven and take a part of this wonderfull plan of happiness. It also made me think about the people I'm going to serve and how they all have that chance too and I better do all I can to give that oportunity to everyone I can. I love you all and I can't wait to hear from you again your emails always make me so happy.

-Elder Pack

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