Friday, August 6, 2010

August 3, 2010

I'm having a great time here I am learning a ton! Tomorrow we're teaching the second lesson about the plan of Salvation all Russian, ahhhhhhh! it's kind of scary cause I'm not that good at Russian, especially compared to all the natives that come in here that I have to teach. I'm sorry all my emails are so short I just never really have anything to talk about cause I sit in class all day ha. All that really happens is grammar and vocabulary all day ha. Except a pretty exciting thing happened this week, I found out that I can rent a cello! so I got some sheet music and I've been practicing a bit, to see if I can try out and maybe get into one of the firesides that they'll have. I'm getting so excited to leave the MTC though, because there are some teachers here that went to the Baltic and they say that is absolutely incredible! My teacher Brother Wood said that he went on a Visa trip there and he said it was basically heaven there, just way super green with lots of flowers and rivers and streams everywhere, and the castles are way cool. I'm so excited because I know that this is going to be the best time of my life because I'm a missionary, and it just super adds to my excitement that I get to go somewhere like the Baltics. I'm making some way good friends here at the MTC and my district is way cool, I'm really trying to get those pictures send to you I'm sorry that it's taking so long. I'm just not the best picture taker in the world so I don't have very many, but I've been trying really hard to take a bunch. I actually have some really bad news that i forgot to tell you about last week. My camera broke :( I don't know how, it just all of a sudden stopped working. It's ok though cause I've been taking pictures with a disposable camera and I'm going to send that home to you really soon. And I'll send my camera home to see if you can see what's wrong with it. So right about now Alycia is my favorite sibling because she's written me a letter ;). Maybe the rest of you should learn from her example and write me too, if you do I promise I'll write you back. How is everyone doing right now? I really miss all of you! I hope that you're all making good choices and that you are staying happy. I have a scripture passage for you to try and read if you have the time :). It's really incredible having all this study time, I've really taken the scriptures for granted throughout my life, and I've really realized that they are so important and they are full of so many incredible examples of how we should live our life. But the scripture I want to share with you is the last two chapter of 2nd Nephi. They are way good. They are Nephi's final testimony about the scriptures, and this amazing Gospel. One thing I would like to suggest to the kids of the family (yes that includes all of you Frank, Alycia, Robbie, and Jenna). Just take at least 20-30 minutes everyday to read the scriptures. I know it might seem like an example and that you don't have time. But it's amazing how much time you can actually have to do things like that if you really think about the importance of it. I know that it will bless your lives. And if you read and mark down your thoughts and feeling you will be able to remember a lot better all the amazing things you will learn from them. I've already noticed an amazing change in my life because of the Book of Mormon, and I know you can to. So just give it a shot please, for your brother that's going to be all alone on the other side of the world :), and for your amazing Savior. He loves us and I can testify of that more than ever. I love all of you, and I always love to hear from you. have a great week.

-Elder Pack

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