Wednesday, September 22, 2010

September 22, 2010 - Little Miracles

HEY!!! All is ok I'm not dead haha. I forgot to tell you last week that we had a big training meeting this week, and so our p-day got moved to Wednesday but yeah it was really good. This last week was pretty fun, I'm getting into the missionary work pretty intensly right now. this last week seemed to go by in about one day. The Russian is coming a long, but I still have a lot of work to go haha. It sounds like you're all having a good time and that makes me happy, because I'm having a great time out here. Wow I'm really bad at small talk sorry, I'll add a few stories that happened this week and see if it makes my email a little better haha. Last Tuesday my companion had to go on splits, because he's district leader and zone leader so he headed to the other side of the river, and I went on splits with an Elder that was in the MTC with me, his name is Elder Palmer. That means that there was two brand new missionaries trying to walk around and conquer Riga haha. We even taught 3 lessons haha, it was kind of a ridiculous day. We wandered around got lost a couple times, had to teach English and just hope we didn't cause like a mass apostasy in Riga haha. We had a lot of fun though, and it was a way good experience for just trying to talk and say what we wanted. Another thing that happened is this last Monday me and my companion headed up to a lesson in North Center and we rang the doorbell and we could hear people in there, but they totally ignored us and wouldn't answer the door. So we decided to head out and knock a little bit before we headed home. We got to this one apartment and this super drunk guy was just like "what are you doing here? you need to leave. I hate you guys" and other things like that (typical drunk) but then this lady ran out and was like "hey wait I need your help this lady is really sick and she needs to go to the hospital but I can't lift her". So we went in there and there was a close to 90 year old lady in there and some paramedics. so we helped carry her down on a stretcher and she was indeed very heavy. I felt so bad she looked so scared, and you could just tell she was about to die. But when we got her to the ambulance they were like "we are so lucky you were here, she would have died if you wouldn't have showed up cause we couldn't lift her". We tried to teach the lady that asked for our help but she wasn't really interested. But hopefully someday when she sees the missionaries she'll remember what happened and maybe talk to them. I felt so incredible after that experience though because we wouldn't have been there if our lesson wouldn't have fallen through, and I just know that God put us in that place at that time. MISSIONARY WORK IS AWESOME!!!! I wish that I had enough time to tell you all the amazing things that happen here, but if I did I wouldn't have anything to tell you when I get home. I hope you all have a great week, and stay safe. I'll share one thing I realized while reading the scriptures this week; I'm reading in Helaman right now and it's right around the time when all these miracles are happening because of Christs birth, but still the people harden there hearts soon after. I think it's because they don't continue to study and grow in the Gospel. Satan can get a hold of people's hearts so easy but if we continue to read the scriptures and always remember Christ we won't fall. They saw amazing things, and even now there are so many little miracles every day, don't forget to just remember them and think about how lucky we are. Well have a great week sorry it seemed like I was ignoring you this week I wasn't I swear.

-Elder Pack

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