Friday, October 15, 2010

October 11, 2010

Dear Family,

Hey it's good to hear that everything is going so good over there in the good ol' United States of America. Things are pretty good over here in Eastern Europe, at least on the missionary work side, things are going really good. Things have been kind of crazy because of what happened and getting all of a sudden changed to Lithuania, but I really like it here a lot. It's starting to get really cold here, like really really cold haha. And they don't turn on the heating in the apartments until November starts up ha. That would also be the reason for the strange dissappearance of my money, in a lot of stores over here debit cards don't work, so we have to us atms, so I pulled out a bunch of money to buy some winter stuff like a hat and a couple scarfs but I made a mistake and I didn't think about pulling money out for gloves so I might need a little more to be able to get those. But after I get gloves that will be all my winter stuff and I won't need to buy any more while I'm on my mission anymore... HURRAY! But yeah this week was really cool because we were able to watch General Conference twice, we were able to watch one session a day throughout the week in English as a zone, and then on Saturday and Sunday we went and watched with our ward in Russian. It was really cool because the language is really coming and that makes me happy, it's always a good thing to be able to understand people. But yeah here in Vilnius we have a Russian and a Lithuanian branch so that's really cool, because we don't have to try and understand Lithuanian also. Over here in the the Baltics, in the main cities everyone understands Russian so it's not to hard to find people to talk to. We do a lot of contacting on the street and a whole bunch of knocking also. People here are quite a bit nicer than they were on average than the people in Riga, so that's a nice change when talking to people on the street. Another crazy thing that happens is tomorrow is we receive phone calls for where we are going for the next exchanges, and then we leave on Wednesday. So I don't know at all what's going to happen yet I could be here in Vilnius for another transfer or I could go to Estonia or something (which would be cool cause I would have gone to all three countries within one transfer ha). So I will keep you posted on how all those things go. But yeah one cool thing that happened this week was about two days ago me and Elder Mock were walking around at about 8:30 pm just talking to all the people on the street and I saw this kid from the distance and he was quickly walking away from us, but I was like I should talk to him. So I basically ran to catch up with him, and I caught him right before he went into a billiards club (he was right in the process of opening the door) and I was like hey do you have a second we have a lesson that will bless your life, and he was like "ok if it will bless my life then I want to hear it right now, but my friend is up waiting for me so I'll go grab him and he'll come with us" So he went and got his friend and we taught them a lesson. It was so cool, we taught about Joseph Smith and how they can to our church is true through prayer. It was a very good lesson and we are meeting with them again this week I hope that all goes well :). But yeah I hope you all have a great week. You'll have to tell me how the Halloween party is with Savannah's family cause it was really fun last year they had way good hotdogs. But yes have a great week, this gospel is true so you don't have to worry about me, just have a lot of fun and enjoy the blessings in life :)

-Старейшина Пак

счастливо всем

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