Monday, October 25, 2010

October 25, 2010

Dear Family,

Hey how is everything going? From this last email it sounds like everything is going really well, I'm glad to hear that you are all staying really happy. It's cool that Frank is doing so well in football! I'm sensing a future pro player coming along. Good luck in the playoffs Frank I know that you'll do really good and I'll be rooting for you, here from Lithuania. Awww dang now I just really want to run in the Ragnar really those were some of the funnest things I did. Dad get ready for another one because we're going again when I get home.

This has been a fun week on the mission, me and Elder Reeves have just been making our way and trying to figure things out. But it's a really good experience, it really is helping me grow up I think. I mean come on I even have to go grocery shopping for myself, that's a pretty big step for me wouldn't you say. I don't know why but I'm trying to think of really cool things that happened this week but I'm having problems remembering them even though I know a ton of things happen. My whole mission is already just blending into one big blur in my head. It really, really is going by so fast I'm already getting close to 4 1/2 months and that's making my mind explode, because it feels like I just barely left. The language is coming along pretty good and that makes me happy, cause I have to learn it really fast now if me and Elder Reeves want to teach anybody. Oh I just remembered something cool that happened, last night me and Elder Reeves were just talking to people on the street. And we start talking to this really cool guy on the street who is from Saint Petersburg but lives in Germany, and he's here on vacation right now. He was way cool his name is Valodya, we asked if he could come with us to our teaching center and have a little lesson with him. But it didn't quite turn into a little lesson, he kept asking the best questions so we taught him for 2 hours. It was way long and we probably almost made his brain explode but it was so good. And now he's going to read and pray and meet with us before he leaves Lithuania again. But yeah that really show that the Lord has prepared people, it's just up to us to find them! Well have a great week it's always way awesome to read how all of you are doing. Good luck with all the things that you're doing.

-Elder Pack

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