Tuesday, January 18, 2011

January 10, 2011 - Tranferred!!!

How is everybody doing back in the land of America? I'm having a way good time in *********... why yes I did just put stars instead of the name of where I am serving now and it will be a good game to see if you can guess where I am right now. I don't know if you'll be able to do it, and just so you know I'm not in Vilnius any more sadly. I've really come to enjoy and love serving the people down in Vilnius. I've been there for such a big chunk of my mission that I don't know what the future holds in store in my new areas at all. Ok I'm just kidding I'll let you know where I'm serving. I'm in Dougavpils, Latvia and it is awesome. I'm so lucky to be able to serve here. It's the land of Russian dreams! Because absolutely every person here is Russian! It's been really fun couple of days, I haven't heard a single crazy Lithuanian word that I don't understand and it feels good. I'm sorry that I don't have any pictures yet because this is the first pday that I've been here so I'll get some later today, and make sure to send them next week. Daugavpils is quite a bit smaller than Riga or Vilnius, but it just has a really cool feeling to it and I'm really excited to serve here. There was actually a baptism here this last Saturday and it was just so cool. His name is Anatoli and he's just the world’s best recent convert. I have a feeling miracles are just going to start coming in and I'm way excited to be here during it. My new companion's name is Elder McNerny (I actually have no idea how to spell it in English haha) He's from Michigan and he's a way solid missionary. He's been out for about a year and a half so it will be fun to learn a lot from him. I actually have no idea if I received that package or not because I only receive mail when someone can bring it from Riga. And I haven't talked to anyone that has been to Riga for a long time. But I'll make sure to write that letter and send it out today. And, also for my guesses where Sean Collins is going.... I just have to say Baltics first because I just wish everyone could serve here it's so awesome, then for some reason I'm thinking Italy, Brazil, Denmark, or England. Well there are my guesses; I'm way excited to hear where he is actually heading. Thank you for all the support and love, it really does help. I'm having a way fun time out here as a missionary and it's thanks to all of you. I hope that you have a great week and I'm excited to hear from you next week. And don't ever forget who we are and whose we are.

Elder Pack

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