Sunday, January 30, 2011

Januray 24, 2011

Well of course you're forgiven! I just guessed that you probably forgot about me haha. It's ok though because I've forgotten a lot of things in my lifetime. It sounds like all of you had a really fun week this week. I wish all of you really good luck with the upcoming events. Wow dad you are old... No I'm just kidding you're still in your prime. How was your birthday? Did you get anything cool? I got a couple of books for Christmas that are some "Russian classics" so I'll send a package home one of these days before the end of the transfer with those in them. So I'll get to answering your questions so that I don't forget...

Did you get the package the ward sent you? Maybe you could send us a written email to the ward to thank them and I can pass it along. Nancy too. We just got an email about new regulations and we are worried you haven't got it. Yes I did get the package from the ward. It was a really nice surprise I actually just barely got it this last week. I got a couple of cards that I'm going to fill out then I'll send them home to you probably today, and you can give them to the ward.
Did you buy anything for Christmas? woops already answered this question

How's your new city? The new city is very good, I accidentally forgot my camera with pictures today, so I'll send some next week. It's a lot smaller than Riga or Vilnius, but that just makes it feel more like home. And every single person here speaks Russian so that makes me way happy. Even signs and stuff are in Russian, so I basically feel like I'm in heaven.

Are you getting along with your companion? Tell us some more about him.Yes I'm getting along with my new companion really well. He's a really good missionary. He's basically a master on the piano, and on the guitar, it actually kind of makes me sick how good he is. He's from Michigan I don't know if I already told you that. And he's 27 years old (pretty old for a missionary as you know, but I'm way glad he came)

Where did Elder Reeves get transferred? Elder Reeves stayed in Vilnius, he's companions with an Elder that just got done being Assistant to the President so that's cool.

How are your discussions going? They're coming along just fine. I still have a lot to learn but I feel like things are going good.

Is the food any different? What is your favorite? No the food isn't really that different. They just really like meat and putting meat in stuff. But we did have the worlds best rolls that this lady in the Branch here made that were stuffed with apple pie filling or something but they were way good that's all I can say.

How big is your branch? Are there a lot of members in your area? The branch is actually really really really small here. Daugavpils is one of the newest areas in this mission. But all of the members here are really solid and always way willing to help on lessons.

Well that's basically all that's going on over here. Wow that's way crazy that Sean is going to Cili... I probably should have guessed. He'll have a lot of fun there I bet, I'll need all his mailing information so we can keep in touch. That reminds me I still need Grandma and Grandpa's mailing addresses. Well I hope all of you have a great week. I'm way excited to talk to you next week.

-Elder Pack

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