Monday, April 25, 2011

April 25, 2011 Иисус воскрес! воистину воскрес!

Dear Family,

Wow it's sounds like all of you are having a lot of fun and that makes me way happy. Haha Rome looks a little more interesting than Daugavpils. Daugavpils actually doesn't have a lot of really old stuff because when the Soviet Union took control they basically rebuilt the whole thing, so there's just a whole bunch of Soviet Union stuff.

This week was a really good week because of Easter. HAPPY EASTER!!! or since we're saying it in other languages here's what they say in Russian. Иисус воскрес! воистину воскрес!... it was a lot of fun being a missionary during Easter. People are automaticaly closer to Christ, so it made talking to people a lot more interesting. We were able to make people think about their lives more. We had a fun Easter party in the branch here. I took some pictures so I'll send them so you can see them. Not a lot changed on the missionary work side of things. We went out and talked to a lot of people, and we're basically teaching all the same people. It's kind of funny over here because people have such deep catholic and orthidox roots that even the members of the Church of Jesus Christ attend the orthodox church services on Easter, so a lot of people weren't there yesterday haha. So hopefully things will be better next week as far as church attendance goes.

This week I've been pondering a lot over the scripture in doctrine and convenants that says that those who are commanded in all things are lazy and slothful servants. I've just been thinking about our personal responsibility to do good even if we haven't been asked. We must always keep our eyes open for opportunities to do good and serve others. And as we do this extra step we are blessed so abundantly in our lives.

Thank you so much for not forgetting about me, I never forget about you. You should ask my companions I'm always bragging about how awesome my family is. thanks for all you do have a great week!!

-Elder Pack
Elder Karlsson and Elder Pack getting ready for exchanges
Elder Huber and Elder Gudmunson smiling like the little girls in the branch
Easter Party in the Daugavpils Branch

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