Monday, April 11, 2011

March 21, 2011

Dear Family,
Yes I am well on my way for the record of emergency transfers. I might actually already have it because usually missionaries don't even go on one haha. It just makes everything a little more exciting haha. They sent Elder McNerney to Imanta, which is Riga basically just on the other side of the River. Sadly the story of my mission and investigators is they're progressing really well and I feel like nothing could go wrong because of the effort that they're putting in, but something always goes wrong haha. We're back to only one person preparing for baptism and that person is kind of shaky. We're still working as hard as we can and miracles are still happening. Even if I don't get a baptism is will all be ok as long as I did everything that I could :). I actually have absolutely no idea what to talk about this week... Not a lot happened. We had a record low amount of lessons for my whole time in Daugavpils this week haha, but that's still more that I basically ever had in Vilnius. My headaches are getting better slowly but surely. They're not as bad as they were but they're still not all the way gone. You won't need to send me anything right now I'm just gonna watch and see if they just go away. Do you have any other questions? you should ask some questions cause I have no idea what to say haha. I'm way happy that everyone is doing so well. It's weird being on a mission because even though I'm all the way over here, life still goes on as if I was there haha. Well I hope you all have a great week. I'm sorry I'm so bad at writing emails, I just can never think of enough to say in a weekly email.

-Elder Pack

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