Wednesday, September 7, 2011

August 29, 2011

Dear Family,

Wow it sounds like everything is going well. I'm happy that the kids are having fun in school so far. I remember that the first couple weeks of school were always a lot of fun. That's way awesome that aunt Janet is getting married pass my congradulations on for me. I hope that all goes well, I'm excited to meet the guy. Thank you also for sending me Daniel's emails it's really cool to be able to hear how he's doing, and how the work is moving along in Adalaide Australia.

This week was really fun. We had a baptism!!! It was so good. I'm so happy that I was able to be there for the begginning and for the baptism :). I got some good pictures (sadly I don't have the possibility to send them, I'll try next week). She was just so happy, I was so happy, Elder Thomas was way happy... Everybody just was way way way happy. There was a good turn out for the baptism (more than I've seen on any baptism here in the Baltics). We had a really good program. A lot of members helped and gave talks and testimonies it was really neat. Elder Thomas and I were also able to sing a duet of "Lead Kindly Light" it was a lot of fun. I've really grown to like singing a lot on my mission. Especially spiritual songs they just have really amazing lyrics that make me think a lot. Everything is going really well with Svetlana #2. She still has a really strong desore to get baptized so we're excited that her baptism is getting closer and closer. Missionary work is so much fun, I'm so happy that I'm able to give two years for the Lord's work. Especially when I can really feel the lord working through me, it's an awesome opportunity.

Well I can try to give you some more ideas for your talk mom. One aspect of missionary work that is just so cool is the amazing friendships that you make during this two years. I've made so many friends among all the missionaries that I'm serving with. And some of my best friends in the whole world are people that I've met here. It's just crazy to me that I would have never known these people if I wouldn't have come on a mission. I would never trade away the friendships that I've made on my mission. I hope this thought gives you some more ideas for you sharing time this upcoming Sunday :).

Have a great week!

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