Monday, September 26, 2011

September 26, 2011

Dear Family,

Hey!!! Wow it sounds like it was a way awesome week, I'm happy to hear that all is going so well. I'm so happy that Frank got his papers in!!! I totally guess that he's going to Japan. I'm so excited for him... keep me posted. That's way too bad that Patriarch Israelson died. He really was a great man, I'm really happy that I was able to know him at least a little bit. I'm absolutely positive that everything will be fine for him in the life to come.

This week was a lot of fun. I was able to go to Daugavpils again on exchanges and you know how much I really love Daugavpils. I went with a missionary who's name is Elder Stucki, he just came out this last transfer, but we had a ton of fun, and a lot of success. I was also able to conduct an interview with an investigator who's getting baptized this next Saturday. It was especially cool, cause I taught him with Elder Gudmunson for the very first time when he was referred to us by the Branch President. It's really incredible to see how much the Gospel changes a person's life. His testimony is so strong, and his family is very supportive. His mom (not a member... yet) actually came to church with him this Sunday, and she was just so proud of the step he's taking in his life. As far as things in Riga go there was a really crazy thing we found out this week. Elder Thomas are going to be getting a trainee this upcoming Wednesday!!! It's way crazy I'm way excited to train with Elder Thomas. The new missionary's name is Elder LaCroix. He's from Nevada but that's all I know I'll make sure to keep you updated and let you know more about him next week. We also had a cool miracle, this week while we were knocking we ran into a really cool guy named Janik. He told us he'd come to church, that usually means that they won't, but he really did. It kind of threw us off guard. When we walked into the Sacrament chapel we didn't recognize him at all, so I sat down by him and started to get to know him. Then suddenly I realized that he was the man that we invited to church earlier in the week. The Lord really has been blessing Elder Thomas and I, I'm really excited for the upcoming weeks.
Thank you so much for emailing me everyweek, it's always way nice to hear from you. I hope that you have a great week. I'll try to send pictures again, lately it hasen't been recognizing my camera, so I'll probably have to buy a card reader or something like that they're way cheap so I'll probably try to do that today.

-Elder Pack

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