Monday, March 14, 2011

March 14, 2011

Hey! Wow it sounds like everything is going really well. Except for the boys that are chasing Alycia around that is very forbidden! They better be ready to deal with Elder Pack in a year ;). Isn't it crazy that I've almost been out for a year? It's basically making my mind explode. And speaking of minds exploding my headaches have actually started to slow down a bit. They don't come quite as often as they used to and so that's a good sign, maybe they'll go away completely eventually. Thanks for the prayers I know that they're helping. I don't really know what I want to do with my Christmas money. The more things I buy the more things I need to carry around so that's kind of stopping me from buying a lot of stuff. I thought it would be cool just to save up all my money and then I could get really good souvenirs when I'm coming home for the whole fam. Would that be ok? This last week was a really crazy week here in Daugavpils, I just went through my second emergency exchange haha. A girl fell in love with Elder McNerney so they had to send him away... It was actually pretty funny, but it's kind of sad too because I'm Elder McNerneyless now. My new companion is Elder Gudmonson. He's from Pleasant Grove Utah and a way good missionary. He's been out on a mission for about a year and three months. He actually served in Daugavpils a year ago when he was getting trained which is cool because we've been able to stop by some of the people that he was teaching and they let us in and we were able to teach them. Sometimes people just need some time. I am sorry that my emails are always so boring. I sit down to start emailing and for some reason all my thoughts just disappear and I can't remember anything that happened this week. We helped a lady move this week it was pretty cool. We don't have a ton of opportunities over here to do service cause no one ever lets us help. Everyone here just has to do things by themselves. But we helped a lady this week who's a member but she's like 89 years old so she can't come to church in the winter because it's too slippery. We take the sacrament to her every once in a while and she is a really nice old lady. She speaks like the most confusing Russian in the world though haha. I don't quite understand it she conjugates everything different than anyone else. But she likes to talk so we listen and it makes her happy. But yeah the adventures keep coming and I feel like this mission is changing me a lot and I'm having a lot of fun doing it. Have a great week!

-Elder Pack

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