Tuesday, November 22, 2011

November 21, 2011

Wow it sounds like everything is going super well. I'm very glad to hear that. That's crazy that Alycia has her license now. Now I don't have to drive her to her friends' houses any more ;). That actually makes me a little bit sad. I hope that you get a lot of good snow this upcoming winter. I know that last winter was a good one. We'll all have to go on an awesome ski trip when I get back. It's weird being in the Baltics because you can't really feel the Holiday spirit. It makes me kind of sad. But my companions and I try to sing Christmas songs to keep the tradition. I've even learned how to make crepes :) which reminds me of Christmas every single time.

One of the cool things that happened this week was when we went and taught that father and his daughter. He's been doing very well at keeping commitments, he read 11 chapters in the Book of Mormon. It's really nice teaching an investigator that lives with a member, because she's able to explain a lot of things about our church while we're not there, and he has an instant friend in the church. Another cool miracle that happened with him (Sergei) this week as well is when we ran into his parents on the street. We didn't know it was his parents, but we were just going about our business and following our plans. We were standing at a bus stop and we were just like "Hello" (in Russian) and they just stopped and smiled at us way huge. After talking to them for a little while they were like "yeah, our daughter in law is actually a member of your church" and we found out that they were talking about ***** and his less active wife. We were able to get their address and they said that they really want us to come over to talk. It was a really cool miracle. It shows that by just being a member of the church you have a huge impact on the curiosity of family and friends.

I'm always way excited to hear from you every single week. This week is going to be a little extra crazy. Elder Froelich and I are getting sent on a mission to Daugavpils this week to find an apartment for and elder and his companion who with be moving there this week. Elder Lawrence of the Seventy is also coming and we're going to have a few meeting with him. I'll make sure to tell you how everything went, and share with you some of the impressions that I have. Have a great week!

-Elder Pack

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