Thursday, February 23, 2012

February 13, 2012

Dear Family,

Wow those pictures that you sent me were way cool. When I saw the picture of Frank walking away at the MTC it took me right back to the time that I was doing the same exact thing. It's crazy how fast time has gone it really has just flown. When I saw Alycia (who looked absolutely beautiful by the way) it reminded me of all the dances that I went to. Those were so much fun. I'm glad to hear that she had such a good time. That kid that she went with broke his tooth because of carma, that's what he gets for going on a date with my sister while Frank and I are gone ;). I will for sure play a song with Jenna when I get home, that would be way super fun. Yeah I'm sorry that I got that music without you knowing beforehand. You won't be getting it in the mail it was just a download because Elder Mickelson and I are going to be playing some cello-piano duets together as new ways of finding. It should be super fun. The music we got is way cool.

This week was super fun. There was a lot going on like usual. I held a zone seminar here in Tallinn this last week so the Narva Elders came on over and we all met together to set goals and talk about what we can do better as a zone. It was a very good experience. We set a goal to baptize 4 people in the month of March as a zone. Everyone was really excited, so I'm pretty excited that we will get the goals that we set. It was also really cool because President Boswell came up in order to attend. He's a really good mission president, he really cares about the things that we're doing and he is always willing to take time to support us. Yesterday we had a cool miracle that I would like to share. We went out of our apartment at 6:00 p.m. to talk to people and try to find someone to teach. The very first people that we started talking to at the bus stop right outside of our apartment were way friendly and really wanted to talk to us. It turned out that they were just outside going for a Sunday walk because they had nothing to do, so we're like hey we have something that you could do. They didn't really want to go to their apartment so we got on a bus with them and pulled them all the way to the teaching center a half hour away on the bus. We had a pretty good meeting, and they were like "make sure you call us, we would like to meet up again next week". It was a huge miracle. I've never taken someone so far off the street in order to teach them. I'm excited to meet with them again, they are really nice people. Elder Mickelson are having a great time together, I really feel like I have been progressing faster than I ever have in my missionary work in the last few weeks. I'm really glad that I have this time when I can give all my time and talents to the Lord.

Thanks for all the support. I hope that you have a great week.

I forgot to answer your questions about the weather. As far as weather goes, it's a piece of cake this year. There was about two days when it was -25 C. Lately it's only been -10 C. So that makes it a huge surprise that everywhere else is so crazy. I'm really enjoying this winter though.

-Elder Pack

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