Friday, July 22, 2011

June 14, 2011

Dear Family,

Wow it sounds like you're all doing so well and that makes me so happy. It's still just so crazy to me that everyone is growing up so fast. When I left everyone was still pretty young, but now they're all growing up so fast. It's weird being over here on a mission cause I don't really feel like I'm getting older, so I just feel like I'm staying the same while everyone else is passing me up. That's way good that Jenna had a really fun birthday, but I still don't know what you mean by a nano ipod with a touch screen. I'm just a missionary stuck in the stone ages while everyone else is just shooting foward in technology. How can you even put a touch screen on something so small. Jenna are you way happy to be a whole ten years old? What was your favorite part about your birthday? That's awesome that frank gets to try to go boating with his friends for his senior trip. I remember my senior trip that was so much fun. I bet he's just having a blast.

This week in missionary work was quite a bit of fun. We had zone conference yesterday which was way way way awesome. It was kind of sad though because it was our last zone conference with president Dance, he's leaving in about 2 weeks. He told a lot of cool things about lessons he's learned as a mission president, and how they got there call it was really cool. I just want to share one of the things he shared with us really quick. He told us that he learned the two most important directions are foward and out. We need to always need to be working forward doing everything we can to make our future successfull and happy in the Gospel. And we need to look out and care about others not look in and care only about ourselves. He's a great mission president and I've had a way good time serving with him. We also got a new branch president this week in the Tallinn Branch. His name is ****, he's 24 years old and a returned missionary. We (as missionaries) are way way excited for the potential the branch has right now. There is just a whole bunch of energy going into missionary work right now from the members and miracles will come.

I'm just going to answer those questions really quick that you asked me about dad. What do you admire about your dad? As I grow up more and more I admire dad more and more. I reallize that all the advice he gave me was actually right haha. I really admire that he is able to balance so many things in his life and still do it with such a good attitude. He works every day, but still finds time for his family. He always took time for me and always made me laugh. It was never embarrasing to be around him when I had friends over, in fact it a was a lot better because we had more fun. I really admire that he is able to support us and help us when we need it. What are some things you have learned from him? I've learned that it doesn't matter what's "cool" or "appealing" to the world or to other people you can make the things that are actually important like "family" just as cool as any of those other things. I've learned that caring about those close to you brings more happiness than anything else. I've also learned being a good example to others is just so important, because his example of going on a mission, raising a family, and living by the principles of the gospel has really blessed my life and gives me such a stronger desire to want to be just like him for my future family. I just have the best dad in the world, I love you dad.

Thank you so much for everything you do for me everybody. By the way I did get those shirts thank you so much they'll really come in handy. Thanks for the shaving brush I've been wondering if I'd ever get it ;). But seriously thanks for everything you do for me I'm way excited to hear from you next week. Have a great week!

-Elder Pack

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