Friday, July 22, 2011

June 5, 2011

Dear Family,

I'm sorry that I'm writing this email a day late this last week was just full of crazy adventures. I'm really happy to hear that everyone is doing so well back at home. I don't know what I have to say about how fast the family is growing up. It feels like I left and the next day everyone decided to grow up really fast! It's crazy that summer has come around. I still don't quite know what I think about summer yet. Jenna's birthday has come around! I won't get an opportunity to tell you a happy birthday again before your birthday comes up. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! You've enterred a new decade! (I don't even know how to spell anymore). I'll make sure to send you something for your birthday.

This week was just full of a whole bunch of crazy adventures. First of all I went down to Riga for a leadership meeting with President Dance like last Wednesday, it was a way good meeting. I learned a ton about how I can magnify my calling as district leader and how I can work better with other leaders in the mission. The only problem was I forgot my passport, haha, so they wouldn't let me get on the bus to go back to Tallinn. So because of that I was stuck in Riga for three days instead of the half day I was suppossed to be there haha. I got to work with Elder Moffet so that was just way super awesome. We just went around talking to everyone gave a couple baptismal dates. So that was a cool opportunity to take part in a bunch of miracles because I got stuck in Riga. So then I came back to tallinn with an Estonian speaking sister missionary that was in Riga for some business. Her name is Sister Smith she's really cool, but it was just way super weird sitting on a bus with just a sister missionary. I haven't been around only girls for a full year so I'm just a way super huge weirdo now. So that means that I got home on Friday evening. And just on Monday I had to go back to Riga for mission conference haha. It's like a four and a half hour bus ride to get to Riga from Tallinn so I was on a bus a lot for the last few weeks. The mission conference was just incredible by the way. It's like the first time in 3 years that they've done a full mission conference, and that's pretty often for mission conferences. Elder Lawrence from the quorom of the seventy came and spoke to us, and also President Clayton from the presidency of the seventy came. It was a really neat experience. They are amazing men and just listening to them strengthened my testimony so much. Just the way that they answered all of our questions using scriptures and all the good advice they gave us was just way uplifting. It was also way super cool to be able to see all the missionaries from Latvia and Lithuania again. I haven't seen the Lithuanian missionaries for a way long time so that made me really happy. I got some good pictures that I want to send you. I finally brought my camera so I'll make sure to send those. So that's basically what happened this week. We taught a few really cool lessons. Things are still going really well with some of our investigators so that should be cool.

Thank you so much for the emails you send me. Just so you know I won't be able to email until Tuesday also next week, because we are having a zone conference up here in Tallinn next Monday. There are a lot of conferences going on during this time right before president Dance leaves. Have a great week!

-Elder Pack

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