Friday, July 22, 2011

June 26, 2011

Dear Family,
Wow it sounds like everyone is doing really great back home. It always makes me way happy when you all write me. I don't even know what I can say to you about everything that you told me. I'm just way happy that I'm in the same family as you all. It's always so fun to hear about all the things that you have been up to. I hope that everything goes well and that you cotinue to have a great time for the next year, then your Reggie vacation is over haha. I love you all and I'm so glad that you help me so much.
Wow I finally had something to say to you, and President Dance told you all that stuff so now I have nothing to say haha. I'll answer your questions and I'll try to think of something cool that happened this week.
1. Are you still in the same apartment in Tallin? Yes I'm in the same apartment and I'm way happy about it because moving is a huge pain haha.
2. Who is your new companion and where is he from? My companions name is Elder Waddoups and he's from Clearfield Utah. He's way awesome he came out on his mission about 3 months before I did.
3. Are you both zone leaders, or are you the zone leader and is he your companion? (When I did it we had zone leaders as companions.) Yeah we're both zone leaders so that's awesome. I really like it a lot cause we work together to help our zone and fulfill our responsibilities, when I was with Elder Koegler we had different responsibilities so we couldn't really work together on this stuff.
4. Do you have any more conferences before President Dance leaves? We actually only have one more conference this Tuesday. It's a zone leader's conference and it will just be on skype. This upcoming transfer will be crazy though, because we have a few conferences in Riga with the changing in mission Presidents, and we have to go to Narva on exchanges and stuff, so there will be a lot of bus riding going on. I'll make sure to keep you updated on all the adventures comming up.
5. What are the temperatures and the weather like? Are you in short sleeves yet? The last couple of weeks it's actually been really rainy, but I LOVE it!!! It's so nice just cool enough to wear our suits and just warm enough to not be cold at all. I'm not excited for the hot that is probably comming soon. A few weeks ago it got really hot like 30 Celcius, and it was just miserable. I hope it stays cool for a while longer.
Wow I am so sorry I couldn't think of any cool stories to tell you. Besides transfers (which you know all about) there wasn't anything special that happened. We taught some people, some people yelled at us, and we had a great time. Oh yeah I remember a funny thing that happened this week. We went over and taught a guy. He was way funny, and kind of crazy. We didn't really know what to do with him. When he said the opening prayer he just talked about how much he absolutely loves Americans, and how his biggest desire in the whole world is that President Obama was his President. He has a was strong desire to be baptized, but he said it's because if he becomes a mormon then it means it will be so much easier for him to become an American. He was a way nice guy, I'll make sure to tell you how he's doing in the future if he's progressing.
But yeah that's all I could think of. Thank you so much for writing. Have a great week!

Elder Pack

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