Friday, July 22, 2011

June 20, 2011

Dear Family,

I need to come up with better ways to start my emails I've started them the same way for the last year. I'm sorry that sometimes my emails aren't that interesting. This might be one of those emails... just a warning. There are a lot of really crazy things going on at home it seems like. It makes me sad that some people are suffering right now. Please let them know that I wish all the best for them and I'll for sure keep them in my prayers. It gives us a lot of comfort to know that God loves them so much, and whatever happens if they make it through with faith it will all be added together for their good. As far as predictions go I don't really have any idea haha. I think that April will go to Germany, and Frank will go somewhere in the Asian countries. I don't know exactly why but Elder Koegler agrees with me.
This week was a pretty uneventful week here in Tallinn. We went out and did missionary stuff haha. Sadly not a ton happened, but we tried as hard as we could. It's crazy because transfers are happening this week. I feel like I barely got with Elder Koegler like a week ago. Time goes by so fast when you're on a mission. Time has never flown by as quickly as it has on my mission. Sadly I probably won't be with Elder Koegler next transfer, and probably not in Tallinn either. I'll make sure to let you know where I am next monday. I also wanted to apologize that I've been the worst missionary son ever at sending pictures home, but I swear it wasn't my fault this time at all. The camera I got doesn't connect with the computers where we email (a lot of the missionaries' cameras don't). Wow I really wish I had something cool to tell you but I really don't. I'm so sorry. I guess I cleaned my apartment today (mom would be proud haha). I'm sorry I'm really bad at writing emails sometimes. Have a great week I'm so greatful for all that you do. I'll make sure to have a really good email saved up for you next week. Good luck with all the things you're doing.
-Elder Pack

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