Sunday, April 22, 2012

April 8, 2012

Family: That's really cool that you were able to head down to Saint George this last week and spend time with the family. I'm really happy to hear that grandma is feeling better these days. I do miss all those fun trips that we had to Saint George, and yes it does sound like you do the very same things that we always did, but there's nothing wrong with that. That's really crazy that the kids are already on the downhill with school, it feels like it just barely started yesterday. I remember when I was in school the school year seemed to take decades, but now it seems like maybe a month to me. This week went very well. Every week is going by faster and faster but we're having a good time. We had a good amount of member present lessons, and we taught a lot of really cool people. We had a really incredible miracle happen last monday evening when we went out to find, and we ran into one of the most prepared people that I've ever met. And he's an 18 year old boy which is perfect for potential missionary/melkisedek priesthood holder. I'm really hopping that we'll have the opportunity to meet with him this week. The zone is doing well. It was a little bit slower of a week for most of the companionships but they all worked hard. The translation of the "4th missionary" talk is going well. We have the translation done we just have to finish typing it up. I'll make sure to send it to you when we finish. Another cool thing that happened this last week was when a member of the district presidency came up to me and said "we want your choir to sing at district conference this month because we liked the song that you sang at the concert so much. (Elder Mickelson and I have been leading choir as a way to find people this transfer). I've never seen a Russian choir sing at a district conference in the Baltics yet it should be fun. The members who are in the choir are really excited. This next week we're actually going to go with the choir and sing in parks to try and find people to teach. Thank you for all that you do for me. Thank you so much for the little messages Alycia and Jenna they really do mean a lot to me. I love it when I get to hear from all of you. I hope that is going well with all your different activities like cheer and plays. When is prom Alycia? who are you going with? When will be your play Jenna? I'm totally up for running with Robbie. Isn't the half marathon in the Fall sometime? We can run this upcoming one together. I have a lot of getting in shape to go haha. Thanks for running to Utah State for me mom. That will really help. As far as signing up for classes goes, I just want to get as many of those make-up classes done as possible, so sign me up for as many of those as possible. I would enjoy to have a math class as well, I need to get back on my feet with that. I love you all. Thank you.

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