Sunday, April 22, 2012

March 5, 2012

Dear Family, Thank you so much for all the support and help that you've given me throughout my mission. I got the Valentine’s Day package that you sent me this week. Just so you know it's already gone because I loved it so much and I ate it really fast. Thanks for helping my mission be a more enjoyable experience than it already is. I'm glad to hear that all the kids are doing well, and are getting involved in lots of extra activities. I wish I would have broadened my horizons more throughout my life, because the little bit of expanding that I did do has really come in handy out here on my mission. I hope that all goes well in Alycia's cheer tryouts and Jenna's and mom's play tryouts. I'm rooting for all of you! This week was a good one as usual. I went to Riga again this week for zone leaders' council, which is always a neat experience. But I do think that going to Riga 4 times in a transfer plus on top of that going to Narva a couple times is a little bit too much. Oh well I'm done with that now, and we'll see what's up this upcoming transfer. It's crazy to think that transfers are already coming up this week, time is just going by faster and faster every day. I really hope that I stay with Elder Mickelson because we're having a great time and good things are happening. We'll see though I'm never able to guess what is going on with transfers. I am pretty sure that I am staying in Tallinn though. This last week we were able to put together a musical concert, it was a lot of fun. Sadly the turn out wasn't that great, because a lot of the members bailed out on us. We're going to reevaluate and try again though for Easter, and we'll do a better job this next time. I was able to rent a cello and play "If You Could Hie to Kolob" with Elder Mickelson playing on the piano. I definitely got a little bit rusty after a year and a half of not even touching a cello. I'll definitely have to play a bit of catch up when I get back home. I was thinking that it would be fun to try and maybe take some private lessons again. I'm excited for Summer to come, I want to try renting a cello and taking it out on the street and playing to try and find some people to teach. Speaking of finding, I've been trying to think of a lot of different ways to try and find people to teach. Are there any things that you can think of? Or dad, was there anything that you did on your mission that worked really well, or that you really wanted to try? If you could spread that question to other returned missionaries as well that would be super helpful. That is about it for the summary of my week. I'm sorry that I never have a lot to say. I hope that you all have a great week!!! -Elder Pack

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