Sunday, April 22, 2012

March 13, 2012

Dear Family, Well it sounds like you all had a great week. I'm glad that you were able to go down and support Grandma while she's going through this hard time. You should tell her that I love her and I hope that she can heal up soon, without any really negative side effects. I hope that all the tryouts this upcoming weeks go well, I'm excited to hear. That was about the coolest miracle that I've ever heard about Sister Uibel's dad! We actually talked about where our dad's served on their missions a few times even. We knew that you both served in the same mission, but we thought that you served at different times and probably didn't know each other. That is so cool that you were companions! And now that your children served in the same mission. You'll have to let me know how her homecoming went. I'm glad that you get some time to catch up with old friends now :) I'm really excited to read the histories of our ancestors, I've actually been thinking a lot about that lately. I've actually wanted to read stories about their missions a lot lately... could you actually send me a couple. I would also love to hear stories about your mission dad. Could you send me a couple? This week was super awesome! We got transfers! I'm staying... Yay! I'm going to be with Elder Mickelson still and I'm super happy about it. We're having an awesome time. I would love to just stay here for the rest of my mission in this area with Elder Mickelson, I feel like we could get a lot of cool things done. We've been finding a lot of really cool people lately. I can see some really good things happening in the near future here. We've been finding a lot of family and youth lately which is really really exciting, it's usually really hard to find people like that. We're really really really excited if you can't tell. There wasn't any huge miracles that stuck out in particular this week... all I know is that there were a lot of little miracles. I just love it when I find nice people and can know for sure that this is where the Lord wants me to be right now, and that I was in the right place. I hope that you all have a great week. I don't have a lot to say right now sadly. I love you all so much, and I really appreciate your support. I love being able to serve here in the Baltics, and a big part of making this all possible is you. Thank you for all being such great examples and really encouraging me to do the right things. Have a great week! -Elder Pack

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